Plastic Makes Perfect.

PLASTIC PALMTREE designs custom campaigns from the roots up. Our process of hand-crafting utterly unique creative has lead to award-winning work since our founding in 2010. We take pride in being an intimate boutique agency and are thrilled to service entertainment, corporate & compliant cannabis and beauty clients including eOneFilms, NatGeo, Sundance Channel, Spike, Madison Square Garden, Paramount Network, Papa & Barkley, NBC and more.

Let Us Help You Sow Seeds In Your New Venture.

In addition to our years of experience in entertainment and corporate branding, we have followed one of our passions and extended our expertise to the cannabis industry (compliant businesses only). Our vision is to help our clients grow & succeed in this highly competitive and complex arena, by providing them with premium visual branding and targeted marketing strategy. Ultimately, we hope to collaborate with clients that share our vision for this industry and work together to end prohibition by providing a fresh perspective for the public into the benefits of both medical and adult use.
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Getting Inside Your Head. Getting Inside Your Brand.

We’re gentle about it, but yes, we like to get inside our client’s heads. How else can we execute exactly what you envision? From casual meetings to intense blue sky sessions, PLASTIC PALMTREE takes your brand and pairs it with the blazingly talented designers, innovative technology to deliver clutter-busting campaigns.

It’s Cool Under the Tree.

On any given day we guarantee an interesting client is chilling on our couch. Is it because PLASTIC PALMTREE’s numerous awards put them at ease? Or because we have fancy jerky and truffle honey in the pantry? Tough call. All we know is that our organic company culture takes the stress out of their job and keeps our clients coming back for more of our creative, and possibly the jerky.

Masha Kupets Navarre

With over 12 years in the business, Masha specializes in creating perfectly tailored, culturally curated campaigns that empower brands to tear through marketplace clutter. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Masha has contributed her art and creative direction to agencies including Seinger, Crew Creative, and BPG, where her work was recognized with Graphis, Davey,  and Promax BDA awards. Masha’s uncommon intuition and ability to flawlessly execute her client’s intentions has given her a reputation for excellence within the design community. She has collaborated with legions of clients across multiple entertainment and industrial brands including FX, Spike, Sundance Channel, NatGeo, Madison Square Garden, Bravo, Papa and Barkley, iRobot, Paramount Network and more. Her clients range from corporate, beauty and medical to film, music, television, and cannabis.


Communicator Awards 2017
Davey Awards 2014 & 2015
Communicator Awards 2014
Communicator Awards  2013
Communicator Awards  2012
Communicator Awards  2011