On a mission to eradicate blah.


Plastic Makes Perfect.

We design custom campaigns from the roots up. Our process of hand-crafting unique creative has lead to award-winning work since our debut in 2009. We’re thrilled to service entertainment, corporate, cannabis & CBD clients including Amazon Studios, Tonic CBD, Paramount Network, Papa & Barkley, NatGeo, Sundance Channel, Madison Square Garden, Pure Bloom, NBC Universal, mozen, Modo, Lumaforge and more.

Getting Inside Your Head. Getting Inside Your Brand.

We’re gentle about it, but yes, we like to get inside our clients’ heads. How else can we execute what you envision? From casual meetings to intense blue sky sessions, PLASTIC PALMTREE’s blazingly talented design and tech team partner with your brand to deliver mind-blowing campaigns.

It’s Cool Under The Tree.

We specialize in creating tailored, culturally curated campaigns that empower brands to tear through marketplace clutter. For years we’ve been a trusted partner for entertainment and corporate brands, working on projects for established clients like Viacom, Paramount Network, Nat Geo and Madison Square Garden. As we continue to work in entertainment, we have also spent years investing in the emerging cannabis market in California. Today, PLASTIC PALMTREE collaborates with inspired growers, investors and entrepreneurs that want to tap into our modern vision for cannabis.

Let us help you sow seeds in your new venture.

In recent years we have extended our entertainment, luxury and corporate branding experience to support the cannabis industry. We’re passionate about the power of the plant, and help our clients succeed in this highly complex arena by providing them with premium visual branding, innovative marketing strategy & compliant packaging design. Ultimately, we hope to collaborate with clients that share our vision for this industry. Let’s end prohibition by providing a fresh perspective for the public into the benefits of both medical and adult use. Our latest packaging designs have been featured on The Dieline.

We recognize that cannabis still has a major perception problem.

In order to lift the stigma and refresh perspectives, cannabis needs to be positioned in the right way. Better branding elevates not just individual brands, but the entire industry itself, allowing Mary Jane to finally come out of the closet and live in the sunlight.

We’re informed and we care about compliance.

Our team includes chronic marketing strategists and designers that feel the green. We also consult with a policy expert that helps our strategists keep up with the winds of policy change and prepare for potential new regulations in regards to labeling, child resistant packaging design and other possible restrictions that your business may encounter.

Our Awards & Features:

Communicator Awards 2019
Packaging feature on The Dieline 2019
Feature on Direct Cannabis Network 2018
Feature in Centennial Spotlight 2018
Davey Awards 2018
Communicator Awards 2018
Communicator Awards 2017
Davey Awards 2014 & 2015
Communicator Awards 2014
Communicator Awards  2013
Communicator Awards  2012
Communicator Awards  2011
Graphis Awards 2009